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Save valuable time by using Easy Move to get a quote within 48 hours.

Simple and efficient, all you need to do is:

Complete and submit the quote request form, ensuring that the volume of the move is specified or the photographs of your move are uploaded.


This service enables us to estimate the volume of your items through photographs of the place of origin and provides valuable information needed to devise your quote, i.e. furniture size, means of access, etc.

  • Furniture: 2-4 photos are usually sufficient for devising a precise inventory
  • Open storage furniture: this helps to assess the number and type of packing materials needed (boxes, clothes hangers, glassware dividers, etc.)
  • Access: building/house entrance, staircase, lift, potential placement for furniture assembly

Additional details: garage, attic

Thanks to the simplicity and efficiency of Easy Move’s information collection system, our Easydem.com agent can get in touch with you to find the best solution should there be any difficulties.

Easy Move helps you plan your move in a timely and cost-efficient manner. What’s more is we have an Easydem.com agent visit your home to assess and discuss the details of your move with you.


Wherever you are moving from or going to, you can expect the best from our moving professionals when it comes to competitive rates, timing and moving execution.

At Easydem.com, we have ensured to bring together movers and moving consultants who are the best in their trade to meet your expectations. Seems normal, right? Well, you’d be surprised… Choose Easydem.com to avoid disappointment!

In the aim to provide high quality services and the guarantee of a carefree move for its customers, Easydem.com has a several moving packages to choose from.

While our agents may have different names for their moving packages, you are guaranteed to get the same high level of quality and commitment.

Whichever package you choose, our Easydem.com partners make it their responsibility to load, transport and unload your items.