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Door to Door Service with Easydem.com
We care about quality and efficiency, so our Easydem.com agents can expertly manage international operations from start to finish.


Our Easydem.com agents are responsible for international administrative procedures. As a result, they can assist our customers with the necessary administrative and technical paperwork related to the import and export of goods entrusted in our care.

Once you get in touch with them to devise a quote, they can help determine the best customs procedure approach depending on your needs and the nature of the goods.

Our agent will then be able to inform you on the import/export conditions and restrictions for your goods depending on the country of origin and destination (i.e. artwork, weapons/firearms, books, etc.).

Our Easydem.com agents can advise you on the best way to transport your goods and merchandise in consideration of your requirements, rates and timeline.


Our Easydem.com agents monitor the progress of your shipping documents, including the quantified and detailed inventory, and proceed with the customs declaration.

Our Easydem.com agents remain in close contact with various organizations (insurance, customs, sea and air freight companies, etc.) in the countries in which they operate and beyond.

Real-time tracking of the transported goods helps to inform our customers on the operation’s progress.

Should there be any issues encountered, our Easydem.com agents can complete all the necessary procedures to find the right solution in accordance with contractual commitments.


In some countries such as Morocco and Tunisia, our Easydem.com agents have customs transit areas.


Such transit areas belong to our Easydem.com agents and make it possible to adopt an all-encompassing approach.


These transit areas are managed by our Agents and are located in seaport and airport zones for ideal maritime and air service.


These warehouses help guarantee secure operations and timely execution, with Easydem.com agency staff rigorously monitoring each process from start to finish.



When transporting goods internationally, Easydem.com’s network of moving partners can handle all of your goods every step of the way.


Guarantee and Insurance

Transporting goods internationally requires handling by various parties for loading, transportation and delivery. It is therefore necessary to sign up for the Easydem.com agent’s guarantee service which covers your items from door to door.

In the event of a claim, the Easydem.com agent can advise you on the necessary administrative procedures.

Documents de douane

Necessary Documentation

For insurance purposes, it is the customer’s responsibility to complete the value declaration form, which is a detailed and costed inventory of your goods.

For customs clearance, the packing list provides an estimate of the nature and value of the transported goods.

This document will mention the condition of the objects entrusted in our care at the time of packing and unpacking.

Should there be any claim filed (loss, theft, damage), this document will serve as the main reference.

Importance notice: Each object and/or item for which no value is given on the list is subject to the General Sales Terms and Conditions contained in our working contracts, with special reference to the section on Special Conditions concerning the maximum compensation amount for the entirety of your furniture.

In the unlikely event of a failure on the part of your service provider: Our professionalism resulting from carrying out thousands of quality moves each year comes with the guarantee that your items are in good hands. Should we fail to perform the high quality service we strive for, the Easydem.com network chooses to work with the best insurance companies specializing in the risks associated with moving to ensure optimal coverage.

Agent-specific insurance: All partners within the Easydem.com network of movers are registered with various trade groups. As such, they are registered in their respective countries and are required to have taken out legal professional insurance.

What you need to remember

Like most companies, movers within the Easydem.com network do not take responsibility for precious objects, jewellery, money and valuable artwork as contractually stipulated.

As for the transportation of plants, we cannot guarantee plant health nor take responsibility for the effects of transportation on their health. This procedure is also subject to state laws on the importation of live species.

In the moving trade, some items cannot be moved, such as items considered as dangerous (flammables, explosives), high-risk objects (except for demilitarized collection weapon with a disabled trigger or which have been made inoperable after presenting a mandatory sworn statement or certification).

This being said, there are some exceptions. Ask our agents to find out more!