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Our high professional standards are set to meet our commitment to ensuring the safekeeping of the items entrusted to our storage facilities.

Specialized storage spaces are available to suit all personal and professional needs, whether in Switzerland, France, Europe or Africa thanks to our network of Easydem.com international moving partners.

Our storage facilities are kept secure and are located along international transportation routes serving highways, motorways, railways, seaports and airports.

Easy access, high storage capacity, security, and continuous monitoring of health regulations are some of the standard requirements for storage facilities used within easydem.com’s network of movers.

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Easy Access Storage Facilities

Our storage facilities are located along major international transportation routes, whether land (roads and railways), sea or air, and communication networks.

Storage facilities within Easydem.com’s network are needs-oriented to cater to all types of usage, whether for longterm storage or frequent in-and-out access (seasonal work, archiving, stock management). And, whether you choose our personal or business moving services, you can opt in to have our Easydem.com agent deposit or retrieve your items, thanks to our various packages and customized services.

Easydem.com agents exclusively use storage facilities under their own management, or in partnership with authorized companies specializing in storage.

Easy access for depositing and retrieval, customer management, thoroughness and a customer service mindset are top priorities in the Easydem.com network’s storage operations, whether the storage facilities are located in the European Union, Switzerland, or elsewhere across the globe.

  • Storage access within the Easydem.com network is strictly regulated.
  • Each storage or retrieval operation is undertaken by professionals in charge of storage within the company we are working with, or is ensured by an Easydem.com moving agent directly.

Each operation is carried out in the presence of the customer or an authorized representative designated in the working agreement.

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High-Capacity Storage Adapted To Your Needs

Thanks to its adapted storage facilities aimed to provide the right amount of space for your items, the Easydem.com network is committed to meet your expectations and serve your needs with customized services for both personal and business moves.

Be it for one-time, frequent or temporary use, whether planned or unexpected, and even in the event of an emergency, Easydem.com is prepared with the right storage solutions for you.

Our professional network has its logistical expertise and prompt and high quality service ready for you at all times (in the event of bad weather, seasonal stock arrival, family emergency), no matter how big or small the move.

With storage facilities located locally, nationally, throughout the European Union and across the globe, the Easydem.com network is readily available to accommodate very large volumes, always in compliance with working contracts, rules and regulations.

Our storage facilities are available for both personal and business use, with nearby locations, capable of storing 2,000 to 50,000 square metres.

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Secure Storage Facilities

The Easydem.com Commitment guarantees the upmost safety of your personal and business items for as long as they are under our care and according to the terms and conditions of the services chosen, thanks to the following:

  • Natural disaster risk reduction (no flood zones, buildings and structures in good condition)
  • Accident risk reduction (up to standard buildings with fire safety measures in place)
  • Maximum security against break-ins, theft and vandalism (buildings have both passive and active security measures: alarm systems, video surveillance, security guard surveillance)

All containers and crates used within Easydem.com’s network are secure (good condition, locked and sealed)

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Continuous Monitoring of Health Regulations

Our storage spaces are carefully selected by Easydem.com to ensure that compliance with health regulations is strictly enforced.

  • Storage facilities are well ventilated to avoid mould and fungi build-up resulting from humidity.
  • Storage facilities are kept free from pests (insects and rats) and are regularly cleaned and disinfected as preventative measures.

All containers and crates used are designed to resist humidity (adequate ventilation, anti-fungi treatment) and insects (use of treated wood).


Easydem.com’s high quality services in calculating volume transfers, devising detailed and personalized quotes and offering a wide range of storage services are available to all customers: individuals, businesses, administrative and community bodies, and more.

Some of Our Rules for Storage:

Only the customer or an authorized representative who are physically present can request the opening of boxes and containers.

Each retrieval operation is subject to the signing of a return slip once an inventory inspection is carried out.

Each action, whether deposit or retrieval, is noted in the inventory.

Devising an inventory is an essential part of placing items in storage:

Thanks to the assistance of the team leader in charge of this service, you can devise a contradictory and costed inventory of your items. This makes it possible to determine the value of each object (and thereby the insurance guarantee) and to record the general state of each item BEFORE PACKING.

During the packing process, you can ask for a number identification reference to be given to each box, object and furniture item. The packing number will be specified in the inventory.

The packing process of items to be placed in storage are subject to the upmost care. We aim to protect and store your various items so as to ensure their preservation, especially when it comes to longterm storage.

The packing process uses the appropriate materials: cardboard boxes and wardrobes, metal linkages, plastic covers for bedding, polyethylene bags for toys and soft toys, sorting boxes for books, archives, canvases/paintings and glasses, silk paper and boxes for china, silverware and porcelain, bubble wrap for furniture, including sofas, armchairs and chairs, and airtight pouches for smaller items as small as a set of keys.

Once the furniture items are carefully packed, they are exclusively stored in wooden crates in volume and capacity appropriate containers. Each container is well ventilated and treated against fungi and insects.

Each customer is given enough space in a storage-only facility. Each crate is clearly marked for easy identification. Markings on the floor provide further tracking assistance to locate your item quickly (with digital storage data and movement tracking).

For maximum security, once the crates and containers are loaded, they are sealed in front of you using two pellets at a time, and each pellet number is given to you and stored in the working documents.